RIYL: Rachel's

Label: BARO

Forage comes from a place of primitivity. This is primordial new age.¬†Forage takes you in to dew-kissed forests with moss-covered boulders that have been utterly untouched by human hands.¬†Forage is a lovely name for an album evoking such delicate, yet majestic, imagery. When you imagine foraging, you think of investigating every nook and cranny that this carboniferous¬†forest plays host to. You don’t think of violently slaying whatever animal comes in to your sights, but picking the edible fruits and berries that populate the fertile earth. You might get some juices on your hands, but no blood; unless, say, this blood comes from you scaling trees with your fair hands.

It’s strange how immediately uplifting this album is. The (mostly?) wordless vocal work is breathtaking in and of itself, and the instrumentation laid underneath this aspect works as the needed gust of air to foment the embering vocal work in to a full-blown blaze. Once the fire starts, you take care to watch the sparks fly off in to the ether as this conglomeration soothes you in to unconsciousness. This will be ending up on my top albums of the year, and you can take that to the bank. Listen to¬†Forage below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Recorded in Portland, Oregon 2013-2015
released May 20, 2016

Mastered at Burnco, Berkeley by Odd Nosdam
Cover Image by Nick Toombs
Shockwaves from impact image by Harold Egerton
Cassette photos courtesy of Gabriella Hileman
Cassette layout by Kevin Hein



Price $8.5

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