RIYL: John Carpenter, S U R V I V E, Voyag3r, Disasterpeace

Label: Data Airlines

The hype train is a-rollin’, synthheads.  In case you missed it, this synth soundtrack thing has taken root.  John Carpenter just went on tour, for Christ’s sake.  Stranger Things‘ eery soundscapes almost outshined the actual show.  There are music labels dedicated to making video game soundtracks from the 1980s.  Guys…make no mistake.  The synth soundtrack is hot fire in 2016.

Meet Polish composer Wojciech Golczewski.  His latest contribution to the world is illustrating the cabin horror suspense from indie slasher Tonight She Comes, and Data Airlines has two of the soundtrack’s highlights on a 7″ limited to 250.  If you love the minimal sound design from Carpenter’s Halloween and enjoyed Disasterpeace’s insta-classic work for It Follows, you’re going to fall for this one within the first 2 seconds.  See the film or don’t, but grab this 7″ before it joins the ranks of all the other sold out movie soundtracks going for $200+ on Discogs.

The Details

Two tracks from Wojciech Golczewski’s soundtrack for the indie-slasher/horror movie Tonight She Comes pressed on a 7-inch 45 rpm vinyl with full color matt laminated sleeves. Limited Edition of 250. Pressed in and shipping from France.

Price $9

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