RIYL: John Carpenter, S U R V I V E, Voyag3r, Disasterpeace

Label: Data Airlines

The hype train is a-rollin’, synthheads. ¬†In case you missed it, this synth soundtrack¬†thing has taken root. ¬†John Carpenter just went on tour, for Christ’s sake. ¬†Stranger Things‘ eery soundscapes¬†almost outshined the actual show. ¬†There are music labels dedicated to making video game soundtracks from the 1980s. ¬†Guys…make no mistake. ¬†The synth soundtrack is hot fire in 2016.

Meet Polish composer¬†Wojciech Golczewski. ¬†His latest contribution to the world is illustrating the cabin horror suspense from indie slasher Tonight She Comes, and Data Airlines has two of the soundtrack’s highlights on a 7″ limited to 250. ¬†If you love the minimal sound design from Carpenter’s Halloween and enjoyed Disasterpeace’s insta-classic work for It Follows, you’re going to fall for this one within the first 2 seconds. ¬†See the film or don’t, but grab this 7″ before it joins the ranks of all the other sold out movie soundtracks going for $200+ on Discogs.

The Details

Two tracks from Wojciech Golczewski’s soundtrack for the indie-slasher/horror movie Tonight She Comes pressed on a 7-inch 45 rpm vinyl with full color matt laminated sleeves. Limited Edition of 250. Pressed in and shipping from France.

Price $9

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