RIYL: John Frusciante, Vincent Gallo, Gordon Lightfoot

Label: Tulip Records / Enjoy the Ride Records (US distro)

Vincent Gallo. A polarizing fella to say the least, it’s nearly impossible to feel indifferent about him. You’ve either walked out of his movies or you’ve given them a standing ovation. Either way, 2003’s The Brown Bunny was undoubtedly one of the most controversial films to ever debut at Cannes or get mainstream reviews, and in turn, eclipsed the beautiful soundtrack that pushed the film along.

John Frusciante’s additions were unfortunately not a part of the original film as they are the most memorable, but Gallo’s inclusion of them post-release helped give a new voice to The Brown Bunny. Sparse and highly emotional pieces, there are moments in these songs that recall the Niandra Lades era of his career. Thankfully, the soundtrack has gained a wider audience since its release and even got a vinyl treatment in 2014. Now long sold out, we have a much-needed reissue from Tulip Records…and the collectors rejoiced.

You can grab this from Enjoy the Ride Records after the ‘buy’ link. That $50 price tag may shock a few folks, but original copies of the 2014 release go for beaucoup bucks. Plus, this new reissue looks like a really nice package. See what I did there?

The Details

This DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) deluxe vinyl pressing was Produced by Vincent Gallo and is the first domestic pressing of The Brown Bunny soundtrack. Art Direction, Design, and Audio Remastering by Vincent Gallo. Housed in a 400gsm single pocket gatefold jacket with gold foil stamping limited to 1000 copies, the black LP is housed in a 250gsm inner sleeve, featuring album credits with Die Cut Disco Hole. The soundtrack comes sealed in a printed brown bag which includes a hype sticker on the front.

This piece of art is intended for adults only, due to mature content and nudity on the jacket.

Price $50

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