Jack White and Jay-Z are at it again!  The men previously brought you liquid filled records and Givenchy picture discs are pulling out all of the stops for their collaboration on The Great Gatsby soundtrack and it leaves me with so many questions.

Can I actually play these on my record player?

Will they damage my needle?

What exactly does metalized mean?

I have no idea.

This pricey special edition box set goes on sale this Friday morning.  Sorry rest of the world, but this set is US only.

The standard black vinyl version will be available on June 11.

The Details

Third Man Records is humbled to be a part of such a stellar confluence of literature, art and music in handling the vinyl release of the soundtrack to Baz Luhrman's The Great Gatsby.

In an effort to present an object that integrates all the inter-connected components of this release, Third Man Records has gone the extra mile with their limited-edition version of the soundtrack in pioneering a never-before released method for vinyl records.

Both LPs in the set are blindingly reflective metalized discs. Disc one is platinum and disc two is gold. These are the first-ever commercially available records made using these precious metals via this process.

Not stopping there, the records come housed in a entirely unique laser-cut wooden LP jacket riveted to aluminum spines. All of these elements (gold, platinum, aluminum, wood and brass) showcase the Art Deco-meets-modern style, classic meets cutting edge, which is the essence of The Great Gatsby film and Third Man Records.

Mere words pale in comparison to the actual physical presence of this piece, so please do check out the video here to get the full experience of the release.

These unique hand made sets will retail for $250 and Pre-Sales will be available in a limited number through the Third Man website (US only) from 9am on Friday May 10th in order to coincide with the Great Gatsby cinema release. Also on Friday the 10th, the first 100 physical copies of the set will be available in the Third Man retail store in Nashville from 10am.

Price $250

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