Oh man, the Mario Bros. song. Everyone knows it, and everyone loves it. In fact, I would imagine in your head right now you are humming along to that catchy tune and hoping not to get hit by a Koopa Shell. The sped up version for when you were below 100 seconds used to give me heart issues.

Guess what, fellow OG gamers that kept up with my ramblings this long? THEY’RE RELEASING THIS SONG! It’s the first time they’ve done an international version of it, complete with the original cover, text, and look of the iconic Japan-only version. I, unfortunately, was unable to get the Orange in time, but make sure to jump on this quickly, as the stock quantities are running low. What are you waiting for, get yourself that Fire Flower and hop to it!

The Details

1st pressing is sold out. 2nd pressing (300 copies), on black vinyl, will be available in January 2015. "First time reissue of the worldwide famous video game theme released in Japan in 1986. Identical 7" reissue with original artwork, with folded poster sleeve and sticker."

Price $16

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