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Label: La-La Land Records

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In 1979, after a 10 year hiatus, Star Trek returned with their first motion picture. It featured an outstanding soundtrack by sci-fi composing vet Jerry Goldsmith (Logan’s Run, Planet of the Apes, and, later, Gremlins).

Goldsmith would go on to score four additional Star Trek films which makes him responsible for a lot of what we think of the modern sound of the franchise.

This is a gorgeous looking set and it’s limited to 1500. With the number of Trekkers there are out there in the world, you can expect this one to go tout suite.

The cover artwork is by Daren Dochterman. It’s mastered from the 192/24 masters that were made in 2012 for the CD release.

The Details

Music by Jerry Goldsmith · Limited Edition of 1500 Units

Produced by Mike Matessino and Bruce Botnick
Mixed and Mastered by Bruce Botnick
Music Restoration, Editing and Track Assembly by Mike Matessino
Vinyl Mastering by Eric Boulanger, The Bakery
Metal Plating and Stampers by MasterCraft
Vinyl Pressing by RTI, Record Technology Incorporated
Original Album Jacket Art by Daren R. Dochterman
Additional Designs by Jim Titus
Gatefold Double LP · 180 Gram, colored vinyl · 12-Page Insert

As we reported previously, the gorgeous-looking new two-LP collection – crackling with V’Ger’s lightning – will include the remastered Star Trek: The Motion Picture score first released on CD in 2012 – and here’s the tracklist breakdown for each colorful album in this set.

1 Overture 1:41
2 Main Title/Klingon Battle 6:59
3 Total Logic 3:54
4 Floating Office 1:07
5 The Enterprise 6:00
6 Malfunction 1:29
7 Goodbye Klingons/Goodbye Epsilon Nine/Pre-Launch 2:08
1 Leaving Drydock 3:31
2 TV Theme/Warp Point Eight :48
3 No Goodbyes :53
4 Spock’s Arrival 2:03
5 TV Theme/Warp Point Nine 1:46
6 Meet V’Ger 3:02
7 The Cloud 5:02
8 V’Ger Flyover 4:59
1 The Force Field 4:15
2 Micro Exam 1:13
3 Games/Spock Walk 9:50
4 System Inoperative 2:02
5 Hidden Information 3:56
1 Inner Workings 4:04
2 V’Ger Speaks 4:03
3 The Meld 5:35
4 End Title 3:13
Total Album Time: 84:54

Price $34.98

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