RIYL: childhood

Label: Enjoy The Ride / Enjoy The Toons

“Are ya ready, kids?”

Two of my loves collide just in time for Valentine’s Day! SpongeBob finally brings his nautical nonsense to our turntables with seven tracks from early seasons, including songs by Pantera and Ween that were featured in the show.

To say I’m a SpongeBob fanatic would be an understatement. When I started buying records, one of the first things I was curious about was if any of the show’s CD soundtrack releases got a vinyl pressing; of course they hadn’t—it probably wasn’t even a thought since it’s a late-’90s/2000s cartoon and vinyl hadn’t yet exploded back into the mainstream. Several..years..later, with the vinyl boom in full-swing and all those Nicktoons-loving kids grown into nostalgic, twenty-something hipsters, Enjoy The Ride Records took notice and started releasing Nicktoons music on their sub-label, Enjoy The Toons. It seemed only a matter of time until “The F.U.N. Song” hit wax.

The “ETR webstore variant” (which means perhaps there will be other variants from different outlets or a standard release) goes up for sale February 12. Mr. Krabs would probably have a stroke seeing this price for only seven tracks, but any record-collecting SpongeBob devotees are still like:


The Details

Enjoy The Toons Records is proud to bring you the music of "SpongeBob Squarepants" available on vinyl for the VERY FIRST TIME!

The Original Sound Recordings taken from the first few seasons of the Tv Show

ETR webstore variants (Yellow with Yellow Splatter) is limited to 500 total copies

Limited Edition 12" Vinyl in a single Lp Jacket, complete with 22x11 foldout insert including the iconic SpongeBob Squarepants theme song lyrics

Pressed at 45rpm for optimal sound quality.

1) SpongeBob SquarePants Theme by Painty The Pirate and Kids
2)Loop de Loop by Ween
3)Texas Song by Junior Brown and Sandy Cheeks
4)Pre-Hibernation by Pantera
5) Ripped Pants by SpongeBob and The Losers
6)F.U.N. Song by SpongeBob and Plankton
7)SpongeBob ScaredyPants – The Ghastly Ones

*Limit of 10 per order*

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Price $23.95

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