I remember very little about the movie The Life Aquatic. I remember yellow, Bill Murray and the amazing Seu Jorge soundtrack of David Bowie songs.

If you have never heard Seu Jorge play Life on Mars then you truly do not understand the power of this song.

Finally, after 10 years of waiting, all you record heads and vinyl nerds can finally own this wondrous soundtrack on vinyl. It is being released by a Belgian distributor(and a German language website is selling it) and I for one had to have google translate open in another tab throughout the entire order process.

Who knew that the United States in German is Vereinigte Staaten? Germans, that’s who.

Thanks to ColinB82 in the comments below for pointing out that it looks like this is also on clear vinyl.

The Details

Seu Jorge - The Life Aquatic: Studio Sessions
Limited to 1000 copies!

Thanks to Wes Anderson and David Bowie for the tip!

Price $17.41

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