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For those not already familiar with Sébastien Tellier, he is a French singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who gravitates in the electronic/pop music realm, but you could easily say that his music transcends these genres and has become a very signature sound truly unique to him.

This release shows off his ability to work within parameters while still maintaining his unique sound. It is an original motion picture score for the movie  “Marie et les naufragés” (translated: “Marie and The Castaways”) that is supposed to be a about a quirky three-way affair between two male characters and their female love interest they are both chasing.  I have not had a chance to see the film, but judging by the description it seems like a perfect choice to have Sébastien produce the score as his style is very honest and lends itself to storytelling.  Mostly instrumental with brief uses of vocal textures, choosing instrumentation over voice to convey emotion.  Another great work from Sébastien.

The Details

Sebastien Tellier's music has always fused perfectly with images. Some directors have come to Sebastien for original scores such as Gilles Lellouche & Tristan Aurouet's "Narco" (2004), as well as being a part of the soundtrack to memorable moments: for Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation" (2003) in which Scarlett Johansson hangs around her room in Tokyo, and Daft Punk’s selection for the cult scene of "Electroma" (2006) in which the robots take off their masks in the bathrooms of a bar!

Another Sebastien… Betbeder, asked Sebastien Tellier to compose the music of his new film, "Marie et les naufragés" (translated: "Marie and The Castaways"). For this score, Tellier chose a retro-futuristic electronic path in the tradition of Giorgio Moroder's music in keeping with the with free and off-the-beaten path tone of this film starring Eric Cantona. With the help of friends and fellow musicians John Kirby and Daniel Stricker, Sebastien has diffused the film‘s languid themes with tributes to Marvin Gaye or to Ennio Morricone... If you like instrumental music with a deeply sensual twist, this record is for you!

released April 8, 2016

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