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First off, the thing that is the most amazing to me is that this movie is 22 years old now. That just doesn’t seem possible.

When I first saw this listed I laughed, but then when I listened I was reminded again about how awesome of a composer Robert Folk is.

Robert Folk’s scores make up a chunk of the soundtrack to my childhood. From Hart to Hart to Police Academy he’s composed some of my favorite moments.

If the opening credits title swell gets you nostalgic then do I have some options for you!

This score has some fantastic artwork and is available in the following variants:

Nibia Flag (100 copies), Camo Monster Truck (150 copies), Guano Bowl (150 copies) and Rhino Grey (200 copies)

Get yours while the gettin is good!

The Details

Enjoy The Ride and Enjoy The Toons, in conjunction with Morgan Creek, are proud to announce the first ever official release of the 1995 cult classic film, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls on colored vinyl and digital download. Composed and conducted by Robert Folk, the album is over 45 minutes of nostalgic adventure!

Housed in an upgraded 400gsm jacket featuring original artwork by Steven Wild, this release also includes a digital download code. This is a true companion piece to our Ace Ventura: Pet Detective release - not only are both are chock full of easter eggs hidden past the locked grooves, there are also some hidden within the gatefold artwork.

Limited edition colored vinyl variants are Nibia Flag (100 copies), Camo Monster Truck (150 copies), Guano Bowl (150 copies) and Rhino Grey (200 copies), available exclusively through Enjoy The Ride Records. Select retailers worldwide will carry the Jungle Green variant, which are limited to 400.

Side A:
1. Main Title: Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls
2. Ace In Africa
3. Raccoon/Wachutoo Village
4. Epic Stairwell/Ace Meditates
5. Welcome To Africa/Ace To Africa
6. Stealth Ace/The Princess Makes Her Move On Ace
7. The Bat Cave

Side B:
1. Rhino Hole/Psycho Interrogation/Dart Run/Over The Falls/Gator Fight & Victory
2. Circle Of Death
3. "It's In The Bone"/Poachers Leave Hut
4. "Think!"/Out Of Body
5. Elephant Escape/Animals Raid Consulate/Cadby's Futile Escape
6. Ace The Agent

*This album comes mailed inside of the jacket with plastic wrap on the outside unless otherwise noted in the comment section. We do not have any extra jackets for this release in case of minor damage by the usps in transit. To clarify, It will will come packaged in a full color jacket (as pictured) sealed with plastic wrap UNLESS requested in the comment section of your order to open the album & place in a poly sleeve prior to shipping. This is a good way to prevent potential seam splits along the top of the jacket due to careless handling by the post office. Thank you*

**Nibia Variant is strictly limited to 1 per order***

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