RIYL: Miracle Legion & Mark Mulcahy

Label: Mezzotint

If you missed out on “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” OST from RSD’15 then you are in luck!
A one-time repress on white vinyl is now avialable from the Mezzotint label shop.

Limited to 1000 White Vinyl LP

“Polaris. Yes that one, the band that lives in your television set. Known only for and seen only on the mythical Nickelodeon series ‘The Adventures of Pete & Pete’. They wrote and performed the soundtrack for the show for all it’s 3 seasons and in the end had enough songs for their one and so far only album. Surrounded by the incessant fiction of Hollywood,they took the aliases Muggy Jersey and Harris and lived for the fame that only television can sustain. They drove in the fast lane that runs through tinsletown but of course one day the tarradiddle came to a crashing halt. The big boys upstairs pulled the plug. The show was cancelled. Polaris never wrote another song. Too bad.”

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Price $25

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