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I’ve been getting more and more into video game soundtracks in my daily life. Not only are they some of the most calming pieces of music to listen to, they allow me to really block out any distraction and get in that elusive “zone” when programming or drawing.

Ori and the Blind Forest (one of the best indie games of last year) is no exception, and now it is getting the ole vinyl treatment on 180-gram double LPs. The soundtrack is one of those great ones that enters the ear and settles in the head like a nice hot cup of cocoa on a snowy day. You can feel the environment of the game through the arrangements, and coming in at almost an hour and a half, it’s easy to see the amount of love the game was given by the composer. It may be a bit expensive for the glow in the dark version, but they are also releasing a blue/purple pressing at $35 instead. Make sure to put this on your deck and let it take you away!

The Details

2xLP (2 records)
180-gram Vinyl
Music by Gareth Coker
Art by Aya Kakeda
Includes digital soundtrack

Estimated Ship Date Q3, 2016
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Winner of the “Best Audio” Golden Joystick Award
Winner of the “Outstanding Original Music” D.I.C.E. Award
Winner of the “Best Original Music” IGN People’s Choice Award
Winner of the “Best Song/Score - Trailer” Hollywood Music in Media Award
Winner of the “Best Original Composition” International Music & Sound Award

The soundtrack to Ori and the Blind Forest swept the awards circuit this past year, with good reason. This game has it all: A charming story of friendship, breathtaking visuals that feel like living painting, and a score as lovely as it is emotionally moving. So it’s no surprise that composer Gareth Coker’s carefully crafted masterpiece is a sensory treat when emanating from a turntable - soothing, fantastical and, at times, strikingly sentimental.

Coupled with artist Aya Kakeda’s hand-painted jacket art, not only is the cuteness, charm and allure of Ori and the Blind Forest preserved, its mythology expands, tantalizing in its detailed and soulful brushwork.

As with all new iam8bit vinyl releases, the audio is mastered specifically for optimal vinyl audio quality.

***Please note that you may experience additional surface noise with glow-in-the-dark vinyl. For the best audio quality, select the blue/purple edition.


1. Main Theme
2. The Prologue
3. First Steps Into Sunken Glades
4. Finding Sein
5. Up The Spirit Caverns Walls

1. The Spirit Tree
2. Kuro's Tale I - Her Rage
3. Through the Darkness
4. Dash Through Their Home
5. The Ancestral Trees
6. Gumo and Ori

1. Restoring The Light Facing The Dark
2. The Waters Cleansed
3. A Closer Understanding of the Past
4. Lost in the Misty Woods
5. Home Of The Gumon
6. Kuro's Tale II - Her Pain
7. Completing The Circle

1. Arrival at the Sunstone
2. Approaching The End
3. Mount Horu
4. The Crumbling Path
5. The Finale
6. Light of Nibel

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Price $50

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