German band The Notwist have been around for over twenty-five years now – that deserves a round of applause. Even more so, Messier Objects deserves a round of applause. Messier Objects is supposed to be an amalgam of the band’s soundtrack work they’ve done for various plays for theatre and radio. This conglomeration brings to mind one Ennio Morricone, with the album’s overarching sense of mystery and playfulness with its subtle bass grooves and hazy psychedelia. You can easily see yourself frolicking through some untouched fields in the center of Central America or sitting in a coffee shop, amidst a hustling and bustling city street or, hey, even an airport with some of these tracks. Could you think of Messier Objects as one giant soundtrack? Sure. These songs may have not been exactly planned to be together, but the masterful sequencing on here really gives a sense of cohesion. Listen to a preview of Messier Objects by clicking through the Buy Now button below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

the Notwist - the Messier Objects

Unreleased instrumental soundtracks for theatre plays, radio plays and movies by the Notwist.
Double Vinyl with etching in a screenprinted cover. With download code.


Cover by David Madson aka Odd Nosdam, printed by redcan.

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Price $21.48

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