RIYL: Jon Brion, Soundtracks

Label: Lakeshore

Moonlight is a fantastic movie and it has an absolutely stunning score.
The soundtrack selections that aren’t composed by Nicholas Britell are so well thought out that as I watched they become the best introduction to characters as the movie progresses.

This deluxe edition of the soundtrack includes selections of Nicholas Britell’s score alongside some choice soundtrack cuts from Barbara Lewis and Boris Gardner and even Goodie Mobb.

This limited edition LP is on black and blue swirl which is about the perfect color for this release. Get it now while everyone is still distracted by La La Land.

The Details

GORGEOUS AND POTENT SOUNDTRACK TO ONE OF OUR FAVORITE FILMS OF 2016 GETS PRESSED TO WAX. A mixture of the film’s original score by Nicholas Britell and key soundtrack pieces chosen by filmmaker Barry Jenkins, all presented in the order they appear in the film. Britell’s orchestral pieces are simultaneously uneasy and breathtaking, consisting mostly of coarse strings and solemn piano vamps. Jenkins sees this uneasy beauty as a perfect accompaniment to the film: “the idea of this drug dealer trying to teach a young boy how to swim. That’s a very gorgeous image, and yet there’s a storm coming. I think the music carries that edge.” Jenkins shared his love of chopped & screwed music with Britell and encouraged him to “chop and screw” the film’s score in some parts. Outsourced material is carefully curated and powerfully woven into the film to great effect in unforgettable scenes blanketed by Barbara Lewis’ “Hello Stranger” and Goodie Mob’s “Cell Therapy”. Boris Gardiner’s “Every N****r Is A Star” opens the film, and it makes a powerful statement right out of the gate. Like everyone else, Jenkins first heard it when it was sampled on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly. “I kept thinking I wanted to plant a flag at the very beginning of this film”, Jenkins said. 21 tracks on swirled black and blue vinyl. Recommended.

printed inner sleeve
black and blue swirl colored vinyl
limited edition
music label: Lakeshore 2017

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