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For a very long time The Iron Giant was my favorite Vin Diesel role. Looking at the trailer for Guardians 2 however makes me wonder if that will change soon. Anyway, I digress.

The Iron Giant is an absolutely gorgeous movie, both visually and in story. I am a lifelong purveyor of cartoons and I almost always say that The Iron Giant is my absolutely favorite animated movie.

This is a Books A Million exclusive. The previous pressing was by Mondo and those variants sell for a lot more than the cost of this lovely looking piece of vinyl. Maybe you’re like me and you’ll be more than happy to add this to your collection at a reasonable price.

The Details

The Iron Giant - (Vinyl)

Music by Michael Kamen

180 Gram Orange & Yellow Swirl Vinyl

Limited to 1000 copies!

Available exclusively through BAM.

Michael Kamen's iconic score to The Iron Giant makes its way to vinyl in this B.A.M. (Books A Million) orange & yellow swirl exclusive 180 gram vinyl. This is the first single LP release of the soundtrack and the first with the original artwork! As the director states in the notes on the vinyl, "Thank you Michael. I hear this music in my dreams and I always wake up refreshed." -- Brad Bird

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Price $24.99

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