RIYL: feeling like you're an ill-fated character in one of Carpenter's horror films

Label: Sacred Bones Records

The name John Carpenter is synonymous with the 70s/80s and horror/sci-fi/camp. It’s not often an artist can be proficient in two areas of the arts (if you will), especially when someone in the film industry attempts to cross over in to music or vice-versa. Carpenter’s got all his bases covered, though, as you can see – a true auteur. This is the second pressing of the second volume in Carpenter’s Lost Themes which our gifted storyteller David Hampton has written up before. In fact, David’s done a great job of keeping up with Carpenter’s vinyl releases as of late. Carpenter’s eerie synth movements are something that are uniquely his own – the man’s sound is recognizable. He’s influenced many artists, consciously and unconsciously, in today’s world. Carpenter’s not too active a director anymore, but he’s decided to conquer the music world even further. Have a gander below via the Bandcamp player and by clicking the Buy Now button and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The musical world of Lost Themes II is also a wider one than that of its predecessor. More electric and acoustic guitar help flesh out the songs, still driven by Carpenter's trademark minimal synth. This manifests itself brilliantly in songs like lead single "Distant Dream," which hitches a familiar Carpenterian beat to an expressive drum performance and rides it to a thrilling conclusion. The eerie "Angel’s Asylum" lets an ethereal synth line command the first three-quarters of the song, before turning over the melody to an acoustic guitar, and "Virtual Survivor" delivers a blast of the sci-fi menace that characterized his great scores for films like Assault on Precinct 13 and They Live. Lost Themes II delivers eleven compelling new tracks for which fans can continue to score the movies in their minds.

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