In the wise words of Johnny Vinyl Collector, you don’t necessarily have to LOVE a film to enjoy its soundtrack.  Let’s use the upcoming “Only God Forgives” soundtrack as an example.  It’s a polarizing film…you’re either going to give it a standing ovation or you’re gonna dart home and angrily punch up a nasty review on your film blog…but Cliff Martinez’s soundtrack f-ing rules.  Period.

The same goes for ‘A Field in England’.  I’d recommend watching the film at least once (whether you’re in a psychedelic state of mind or not is up to you), but I’d HIGHLY recommend listening to this headphone-ready soundtrack in its entirety.  Its cavernous, body-numbing ambience is absolutely stunning, and it’s perfect for that nihilistic evening where you’re in the mood to do absolutely nothing.

Now, here’s the rub.  This work of art ain’t cheap, daddy-o.  Be prepared to shill out a few extra shillings to own it…but I think you’ll be glad ya did.  Death Waltzers and Mondonian vinyl lovers will unite on this one and ’twill be sold out before you can complain about int’l shipping.


You can also download a track for free here:


The Details

Strictly limited edition [ 400 Signed copies ] soundtrack LP of the mind bending score for Ben Wheatley's A Field In England film. Featuring all of Jim Williams' original score, Blanck Mass' Chernobyl and a full side of Wheatley & Pavey's kinetic audio synapse fryer Metallic Fields.

Artwork by Luke & Kenn AKA The Twins of Evil - 2 x heavy white vinyl - gatefold sleeve.

Also included in this edition only; an exclusive brand new psychedelic poster by the Twins of Evil.


SIDE 1 -

1 - Intro
2 - Walk To My Still Beating Mind
3 - Metallic Fields 1 (Part)
4 - Baloo My Boy (Vocal : Richard Glover)
5 - Two Question
6 - Metallic Fields 1 (Part reprise)
7 - Pleasant Without Scurrility
8 - Walking Here Two Shadows Went
9 - Metallic Fields 1 (Part)

SIDE 2 -

1 - Chernobyl
2 - Ring - A - Ring - A Roses
3 - A Happy Band
4 - Cheek to Bentside
5 - Flux of Time
6 - Walking Here Two Shadows Went (Reprise)
7 - The Damp of Hell

SIDE 3 -

1 - Metallic Fields 1 (Full Version)

SIDE 4 -

1 - Walk To My Still Beating Heart
2 - Baloo My Boy (Vocal: Jim WIlliams)
3 - Metallic Fields 1 (Part)

Price $32

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