In the wise words of Johnny Vinyl Collector, you don’t necessarily have to LOVE a film to enjoy its soundtrack. ¬†Let’s use the upcoming “Only God Forgives” soundtrack as an example. ¬†It’s a polarizing film…you’re either going to give it a standing ovation or you’re gonna dart home and angrily punch up a nasty review on your film blog…but Cliff Martinez’s soundtrack f-ing rules. ¬†Period.

The same goes for ‘A Field in England’. ¬†I’d recommend watching the film at least once (whether you’re in a psychedelic state of mind or not is up to you), but I’d HIGHLY recommend listening to this headphone-ready soundtrack in its entirety. ¬†Its cavernous, body-numbing ambience is absolutely stunning, and it’s perfect for that nihilistic evening where you’re in the mood to do absolutely nothing.

Now, here’s the rub. ¬†This work of art ain’t cheap, daddy-o. ¬†Be prepared to shill out a few extra shillings to own it…but I think you’ll be glad ya did. ¬†Death Waltzers and Mondonian vinyl lovers will unite on this one and ’twill be sold out before you can complain about int’l shipping.


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The Details

Strictly limited edition [ 400 Signed copies ] soundtrack LP of the mind bending score for Ben Wheatley's A Field In England film. Featuring all of Jim Williams' original score, Blanck Mass' Chernobyl and a full side of Wheatley & Pavey's kinetic audio synapse fryer Metallic Fields.

Artwork by Luke & Kenn AKA The Twins of Evil - 2 x heavy white vinyl - gatefold sleeve.

Also included in this edition only; an exclusive brand new psychedelic poster by the Twins of Evil.


SIDE 1 -

1 - Intro
2 - Walk To My Still Beating Mind
3 - Metallic Fields 1 (Part)
4 - Baloo My Boy (Vocal : Richard Glover)
5 - Two Question
6 - Metallic Fields 1 (Part reprise)
7 - Pleasant Without Scurrility
8 - Walking Here Two Shadows Went
9 - Metallic Fields 1 (Part)

SIDE 2 -

1 - Chernobyl
2 - Ring - A - Ring - A Roses
3 - A Happy Band
4 - Cheek to Bentside
5 - Flux of Time
6 - Walking Here Two Shadows Went (Reprise)
7 - The Damp of Hell

SIDE 3 -

1 - Metallic Fields 1 (Full Version)

SIDE 4 -

1 - Walk To My Still Beating Heart
2 - Baloo My Boy (Vocal: Jim WIlliams)
3 - Metallic Fields 1 (Part)

Price $32

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