Sometimes, a water hose and a slip ‘n slide just isn’t enough to cool your summer heat blues.  As opposed to booking a plane ticket to North Dakota in the dead of winter, it might be easier to chill your soul with a copy of Jeff Russo’s score of the acclaimed Coen-inspired TV show.  My uncle always said there’s nothing quite like snow and murder to refresh your dehydrated, sunburned bodies.  Darn tootin’, Uncle Lou!  He just disappeared one day without a trace, unfortunately, but I’m sure he’s ice-fishing somewhere in rural Canada right now, laughing at us all.

UK folks can purchase the vinyl HERE.

The Details

'This is a true story…' well, probably not but Noah Hawley's critically acclaimed television remake of Joel & Ethan Coen's black-comedy crime-drama Fargo (starring Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton among others) has been an resolute success, ushering in a second season (due in 2015) and a vinyl pressing of the series' O.S.T composed by Tonic frontman and composer Jeff Russo (Tonic, The Unusuals, Power). Russo' score uses a simple method to tap into the psychology of each of the stories characters, assigning them specific instruments and motifs to reflect their personality traits.

First pressing is limited to 1000 numbered copies in thematically conscious ice-white vinyl.

Price $29.98

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