You’ve heard the story before.  Video game legend crash lands on earth, taking the form of a woman’s deceased husband, clashes with a psychotic Irish bomb tech and tracks down the thieves that stole his living room rug.  Once he buries his bowling buddy, Donny, he invests in race horses, writes an award-winning country song about it, tracks down some murderers in the Wild West with a 14 year-old girl, and then makes some ambient music to help people sleep, pressing some copies to vinyl.  Booooring.

Listen to the full album HERE and download it for free.  The vinyl’s gonna cost ya, though.  Regular black copies run $50, and the glittery gold die-cut copy will cost you $200.  The dude abides.

These aren’t available yet, but if you sign up to the email subscriber list on the main site, you’ll be notified as soon as they go up.  Sweet dreams.

The Details

180 Gram Golden vinyl plate. Debossed gold-leaf pressed album cover featuring illustrations by Lou Beach. Album cover is also die cut - so when you pull the album lining out, the illustrations eye's go to sleep.

100% of ​proceeds ​from​ each album sold goes directly to 'No Kid Hungry', excluding shipping and service fees​.

Price $200

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