Insurgency is a realistic modern combat tactical first person shooter based on the original Insurgency source mod. An intense tactical shooter played by over a million steam users and winning indie game of the year 2014. Accompanying this great game is of course an amazing soundtrack.

Limited to 1000 copies
300 Splatter Vinyl ($40)(brown and coke bottle clear)
700 Black Vinyl ($20)


“Composer Rich Douglas (Lifeless Planet, Shadowgate) recorded and composed the soundtrack for Insurgency. His harrowing music brings to life this tactical first person shooter. None of his work has been released on vinyl until now. We’d like to bring it to life on the medium that it deserves as passionate vinyl lovers and fans of the game.”

The Details

The original tracks have been LP mastered for vinyl. The track listing is as follows:
1. Menu 2. Insurgency
3. Tactical Advantage
4. Deployment
5. Against All Odds
6. Victory
7. Multiple Targets
8. Objective Tension
9. Take the Shot
10. Firefight
11. Preparation
12. Infiltrate
13. Move In
14. Immediate Evac
5. The Toll
16. Retreat
17. Hymn
18. Against All Odds (alternate take - just synth and percussion)
19. Menu (alternate take - just orchestra)

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