RIYL: Mangalores, Mondoshawans, Zorg Industries

Label: Mondo

It’s been a fun ride seeing all of the 20th anniversary reissue treatments this year.  Radiohead’s blue vinyl treatment of OK Computer has sent the majority of record collectors into beastmode frenzy, and Fiona Apple’s Tidal has been given a much-needed repressing from Vinyl Me, Please.  Many many more classic 1997 albums will see the spotlight again this year, but the one that’s currently getting all of our palms a bit sweatier is the NEVER-before-released-on-vinyl soundtrack to The Fifth Element.  A visually stunning film, Eric Serra’s eclectic and genre-bouncing score perfectly illustrates the wide scope of emotions in this colorful rollercoaster of a soundtrack.

Obviously, the uber rare ‘super green’ variant from Mondo sold out in less than a minute, but let’s be honest here…that ‘white with orange stripe’ colorway is sexy as hell.  If it’s rarity you crave, then your fate awaits you on eBay, but if you want the purtiest variant of them all, grab that orange and white goodness.  There’s no word on the quantity, but don’t underestimate how desirable this soundtrack is to so many people.  I’d wager these will sell out soon too.

The Details

The Fifth Element is essential Science Fiction cinema. And Eric Serra’s music for for the film goes above and beyond the duties of your average film score. Not only is the soundtrack responsible for a wildly vast tonal spectrum - name another film that bounces from comedic montage, to straight-faced Opera, to action adventure in the span of 15 minutes - but he makes it feel, and sound effortless. It is a truly unique listening experience.

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Price $35

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