Dylan Carlson, founder of the mythical Seattle group Earth, has decided to dive into the world of soundtracks.  Gold is about the pioneering settlers of Canada, a perfect motif for Carlson’s spacious, sprawling soundscapes.

I’m reminded of Neil Young’s incendiary score of Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man, a perfect visualization of a long, lonely and treacherous journey.  This will sit comfortably in the soundtrack section of our Expedits as easily it would in our post-rock area.  A bit pricey, yes…but a truly special release that makes sense on vinyl.

Gold is also available in gold vinyl (an edition of 400) and ‘texas tea’ black vinyl (an edition of 500).

The Details

Exclusive sky blue vinyl! Heavyweight old style, tip-on sleeves and 180 gram audiophile pressings. Includes digital download card and instant track download of Gold Part I.

Track listing:
Gold Parts I-XIIII

SKU: 85104

Price $22

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