Did you order 5 copies of Mondo’s Coraline soundtrack in hopes of getting the randomly-inserted black & white swirl vinyl?  Did you wake up before dawn to wait in line at your local record store to increase your chances of grabbing a glow-in-the-dark RSD version of Paranorman?  If so, chances are high that you’re a big ol’ fanboy of Laika Studios, now 3 animated films in with their latest magical tale The Boxtrolls.  This time around, though, you have a sure shot at getting the rare orange and cream ‘Cheese Wheel’ variant.  Just click that red buy button and claim your prize.

If you haven’t seen the film…do.  If you haven’t heard the soundtrack…prepare yourself for quirky, whimsical orchestrations, cinematic sweeps and short opera renditions.  If you have kids, put the record on and play ‘hide and seek’ with them.  It’ll change your life.


The Details

Available for the first time on vinyl and featuring amazing new artwork by Rich Kelly. Continue your Mondo / Laika collection with this amazing addition to our catalog.

Pressed on 180 Gram Vinyl. Choose between BoxTroll colored vinyl (Blue and Cream Vinyl with pink splatter) OR Cheese Wheel colored vinyl (Orange and Cream colored Vinyl - Limited to 500 Copies)

Price $35

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