“He ain’t gonna show.”  You breathe a sigh of relief.  “Looks like I just made an easy $50,” you shout to the disappointed crowd of high school kids that have gathered around your car.  It’s a fully-loaded 1986 Camaro Z28.  Blood red.

“I don’t know what kind of car that was that he was driving, but nothing can beat me.  Nothing.”  You put your arm around Sheila.  She only dates winners.  “He’d better pay up on Monday morning or I’m gonna kick his ass.”

Suddenly, bright lights descend from the sky.  You can barely see through the dust and debris that’s swirling around from the turbulent winds, but you make out two headlights through the haze, floating down next to you and your friends.

They land.  The winds cease.  It’s him.

“I call it The Wraith,” says the stranger.  “Are we doing this or what?”  The crowd erupts.  The race is on.

You smile through the panic building up in your gut.  “Alright, now I can actually earn my money!”  You hop into the Z28 and pop the new Creeper tape into your cassette player.

The stranger rolls down his window.  “You folks should probably back up a hundred yards or so.”  Your friends, confused, oblige him.

Sheila shouts from a distance,  “3….2…..1!”

The last noise you hear is The Wraith peeling off the line, sending a 245 decibel shockwave straight through your body like an atom bomb.  Your eardrums explode out of your body, blood spurts from your nostrils and your car folds and ignites like a cat in the microwave.

Whether you die from the embolism or from burn wounds doesn’t matter.  You’re dead, and that’s that.  The last thing you see before you fade to black is the stranger…with his arms around Sheila.  Damn it, Sheila.

She only dates winners.

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Pre-order for the vinyl version of the debut album from Creeper. Pressed on high quality 160-gram classic black vinyl and limited to only 250 worldwide. Only 100 copies available through the Disko Obscura site. Pre-order now to reserve your copy - ships out January 2015.

Includes unlimited streaming of Creeper [DSK 008] via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
ships out within 2 days

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