RIYL: Steven Seagal, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Van Damme

Label: Enjoy the Ride Records

Stallone, Lundgren, Van Damme, Seagal.  If there was an explosion on film from 1982-1997, one of these gentlemen were most likely responsible for it.  You saw them on TNT Saturday marathons, Cinemax or from your older brother’s stolen Blockbuster VHS collection. The Kickstarter-turned-YouTube Sensation Commando Ninja pays homage to the movies that made a man out of you.  If you love the sound of bullets cutting through human flesh, b-list irony and gratuitous nudity, look no further than Commando Ninja.

Turns out that the soundtrack is pretty damn good too.  Some of the tracks are just inches from vaporwave, dripping with saxophone swoons and synthwave sizzle.  Others are straight out of the Predator/Terminator/Rambo playbook, chalk full of white-knuckle thrill rides and adrenaline-fueled cuts sure to add much-needed hairs to your barren chests.

Enjoy the Ride Records has 150 copies of the soundtrack on ‘bloody massacre’ splatter vinyl as well as 350 copies on ‘fireball’ wax.  And hot diggity do they look sexy!  Check out some snippers of the soundtrack and, if you’re feeling really inspired, watch the whole damn movie below. Viewer discretion is f-ing advised.


The Details

Enjoy The Ride Records is the exclusive retailer for this release, offering two variants: Blood Splatter and Fireball, which are limited to 350 and 150, respectively.

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Price $20.99

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