C. Blumberg’s¬†Music for E.D.L. is the soundtrack to, well, Siska’s film essay on Lebanon’s National Electricity Building – called E.D.L. This building was a modernist project by architect Pierre Neema, helping usher¬†Lebanon in to a… modern¬†age. From the synopsis, it seems as if the tape is only eleven minutes but I could be very wrong – it might actually be significantly larger for this release. Aptly fitting the theme of Siska’s film, Blumberg’s score uses very primitive sounding electronics to support the “genesis”-like nature of this event. Blumberg’s album (if you will) sounds like a gaze in to the primordial soup of electronic music. Its new age tinged drones give it that extra “oomph” to reinforce the film subject’s near¬†hundred year old nature. For 11 minutes (supposedly), you can turn on, tune in and drop out before those sweet potatoes you’re steaming finish. For just over $7.50, you get to grip a super limited cassette. Listen to the preview of¬†Music for E.D.L. below by clicking through the Buy Now button and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Droning (sub-)bass tones (use headphones!) and noises, reminiscent to early electronic music (and it's modernist agenda) meet slightly detuned soundscapes, which seem to be taken from an old, pitched-down rave-track.

Recorded live & arranged to a 11-minute piece for this release, 'Music for E.D.L' was originally made as a soundtrack for a video work by Siska, a visual artist operating from Berlin and Beirut. E.D.L. is a film essay on Lebanon's 'National Electricity Building', built in the 1930's by Pierre Neema. The film is a homage to a once modernist project linked to the very construction of Lebanon's modern state. It was screened on several exhibitions (f.e. at centre 104 (Paris), I.C.S.P. (New York City), Mosaic Rooms (London) & Ashkal Alwan (Beirut) and within film festivals, such as the 'Rencontres International' (Berlin, Paris, Madrid) or 'Rotterdam Film Festival'.

Edition of 75, self-released.
Mastered by Felix-Florian Tödtloff at Ætherweight, Berlin.

Price $7.6

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