C. Blumberg’s Music for E.D.L. is the soundtrack to, well, Siska’s film essay on Lebanon’s National Electricity Building – called E.D.L. This building was a modernist project by architect Pierre Neema, helping usher Lebanon in to a… modern age. From the synopsis, it seems as if the tape is only eleven minutes but I could be very wrong – it might actually be significantly larger for this release. Aptly fitting the theme of Siska’s film, Blumberg’s score uses very primitive sounding electronics to support the “genesis”-like nature of this event. Blumberg’s album (if you will) sounds like a gaze in to the primordial soup of electronic music. Its new age tinged drones give it that extra “oomph” to reinforce the film subject’s near hundred year old nature. For 11 minutes (supposedly), you can turn on, tune in and drop out before those sweet potatoes you’re steaming finish. For just over $7.50, you get to grip a super limited cassette. Listen to the preview of Music for E.D.L. below by clicking through the Buy Now button and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Droning (sub-)bass tones (use headphones!) and noises, reminiscent to early electronic music (and it's modernist agenda) meet slightly detuned soundscapes, which seem to be taken from an old, pitched-down rave-track.

Recorded live & arranged to a 11-minute piece for this release, 'Music for E.D.L' was originally made as a soundtrack for a video work by Siska, a visual artist operating from Berlin and Beirut. E.D.L. is a film essay on Lebanon's 'National Electricity Building', built in the 1930's by Pierre Neema. The film is a homage to a once modernist project linked to the very construction of Lebanon's modern state. It was screened on several exhibitions (f.e. at centre 104 (Paris), I.C.S.P. (New York City), Mosaic Rooms (London) & Ashkal Alwan (Beirut) and within film festivals, such as the 'Rencontres International' (Berlin, Paris, Madrid) or 'Rotterdam Film Festival'.

Edition of 75, self-released.
Mastered by Felix-Florian Tödtloff at Ætherweight, Berlin.

Price $7.6

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