RIYL: The 80's, soundtracks, You're a Keanu completist.

Label: Enjoy the Ride Records / Enjoy the Toons Records

I saw Bill and Ted at the theater during its original run and I was always a big fan of the music that they used.
In the last month I watched it with a group of friends, and there were multiple scenes where people mentioned how great the music is.

This one is going super fast, the first pressings have already sold out. So get going if you don’t want to be lost in time. And remember, San Dimas High School Football Rules!

The Details

Enjoy The Ride Records and Enjoy The Toons Records are happy to
announce the first ever vinyl release for the 1989 cult classic sci-fi
comedy Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, starring Keanu Reeves, Alex
Winter and the late George Carlin. Composed and conducted by world
renowned composer and Academy Award Nominee David Newman (Ice Age, The
Nutty Professor, The Flintstones, Jingle All The Way), the score to
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventurewill bring you back to the Circle K,
where strange things are afoot.

This release is a single LP, pressed on 140g vinyl and is housed in an
upgraded 400gsm jacket. Also included is a 24"x12" Circuits of Time
themed insert, which includes liner notes and stills from the film.

Track Listing
Side A
1. History Lesson
2. Future Bill & Ted Leave
3. Rufus Lands
4. A Lot More Than That
5. Austria, 1805
6. Short Dead Dude
7. Old West
8. Saloon Tack Piano
9. Billy The Kid
10. Brawl And Ancient Greece
11. Medieval England

Side B
12. Meet The Princesses
13. Execute Them! (With Hoo-Hahs)
14. Bag Freud
15. Prehistoric Pit-Stop 16. Thanks, Rufus
17. Napoleon Hesitates
18. Mall Mayhem
19. Wild Speech Montage
20. Jailbreak 21. America The Beautiful (Ward, arr. Newman)
22. Thank You San Dimas High

Price $24

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