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Do we have Battletoads you ask? Why yes, yes we do….

If you were truly bumming out that you didn’t get to snag one of the 300 SDCC Exclusive copies of Battletoads then you are in luck! A second variant is being pressed at a much larger volume.


“Ok ok, this vinyl isn’t just 40 minutes of that infamously funky beat. Deemed one of the hardest — if not the hardest — game ever made, the frustration that Battletoads has inflicted upon players over the past 25 years has not diminished anyone’s love for our favorite toad-trio. With this in mind, iam8bit proudly presents the original soundtrack composed by the legendary David Wise. This green and yellow vinyl toad-ally rules…. yeah, we just said that.

This year at San Diego Comic-Con, we sold out of our exclusive special edition, dubbed the “Dark Queen Variant”, featuring an embossed cover, alternate artwork inside the gatefold, and a sound chip that plays the cutscene music from the game. Only 300 of these were pressed.

We’ve heard your cries and we now have a new version of the Battletoads vinyl IN STOCK!

Available to the public for the first time, this album features new artwork by the incredibly talented Nick Gazin. You may have seen his awesome work for Run the Jewels and Wavves.”

The Details

180 Gram Vinyl
Music Composed by David Wise
Album Art by Nick Gazin
Limited Edition of 3,000

1. Title Theme
2. Ragnarok’s Canyon
3. Wookie Hole
4. Turbo Tunnel (Prelude)
5. Turbo Tunnel
6. Arctic Caverns
7. Pause

8. Dark Calling (Cutscene)
9. Surf City / Terra Tubes
10. Karnath’s Lair
11. Volkmire’s Inferno (Prelude)
12. Volkmire’s Inferno
13. Intruder Excluder
14. Rat Race
15. Clinger-Winger
16. The Revolution
17. Boss Battle
18. Stage Clear
19. Game Over

Price $25

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