“Crowley” sounds familar to you. Perhaps you’ve heard Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mr. Crowley” quite a few times. Perhaps  you’re familiar with the occult in general because of your own curiosity. Aleister Crowley is probably the most (in)famous occultist to have ever lived. His time was in the late 19th / early 20th centuries. He was somewhat “progressive” in the fact that he was very open about his rampant drug use and he was open about his bisexuality – two major taboos way back when. The symbol you see next to him on the cover is the symbol he made for the religion he created called Thelema. If you have some time to read about him, he’s no doubt an interesting figure. What’s also interesting about this release is the fact that these were adapted from wax cylinders – the über primitive precursor to the vinyl record. Wax cylinders could be played once then they were “dead” because the needle ruined it as it went along the cylinder. It’s kind of a miracle that they were able to recover these recordings. This is an oddity if there ever was one. A good conversation piece, if nothing else. LMJ at Bleep told me that the distributor estimates there are 1000 pressed, but he also said that the distributor was making a rough guess. If it means anything to you, LMJ tells me they are running out of these fast. Get to it!

The Details

Mr Suit un-earth and re-release a rare recording from infamous British occultist, mystic, poet, mountaineer (the list goes on) Aleister Crowley. Originally issued in small quantities by David Tibet (Throbbing Gristle / Current 93) in 1984, all round deviant Crowley’s musings are of interest to anyone with a taste for fringe leaning philosophies.


Side A: 1. Introduction 2. The Call Of The First Aethyr (Enochicin) 3. The Coll Of The First Aethyr (English) 4. The Coll Of The Second Aethyr (Enochicxn) 5. The Coll Of The Second Aethyr (English) 6. La Gitano 7. The Pentagram 8. One Sovereign For The Woman 9. The Poet

Side B: 1. At Sea 2. The Fingernails 3. The Titanic 4. Hymn To The American People 5. Excerts From The Gnostic Moss 6. Vive La French Republic

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