RIYL: David S. Pumpkins

Label: Mondo

Happy ‘Dress Up Like Eleven’ Day, vinyl lovers.  Mondo Records has unleashed a surprise attack from the psychotic genius of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, two connoisseurs in the vein of horror and suspense.  2016’s revamped Blair Witch soundtrack possesses all of the chills and thrills you’d expect from the franchise.  We’re talking bone-chilling ambient textures, spacious tribal drums soaked in reverb and sweet, otherworldly synths.

1000 may seem like a lot, but that’s nothing in the world of Mondo.  Don’t expect it to stick around forever.  Throw the full soundtrack onto your headphones this morning while you nurse that 7th Kit Kat with your coffee.

The Details

Death Waltz Recording Co. is proud to present the score to Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's (You're Next & The Guest) Blair Witch.

Limited one time pressing of 1,000 units. Pressed on 180 Gram Black As Night Vinyl. Housed inside a 425gsm sleeve.

Price $25

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