Writing about this release is tough for me as my exposure to Tom the Lion has been very limited. What I have heard, I like very much. His voice is robust and pure; his songwriting is beautiful; his use of instruments works in perfectly to match the two. An actual singer/songwriter.

Tom the Lion made his mark on the music industry in late 2011 with the release of two limited vinyl-only 10″ double eps – ‘The Adventures of Tom the Lion’. After slapping many people in the face with his talent, Tom ducked away for 18 months to write and record his debut album, ‘Sleep’.

Check out his single below and make the decision for yourself. This album is going to come in a little pricey, but may just be well worth it.

US shipping price – $54.78 from Rough Trade

The Details

- Limited Edition Double Colored 180 Gram vinyl
- CD & bonus disc.
- Limited edition envelope packaging with lyric sheets and Art Print.

Price $40.88

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