Joyful Noise Records have announced Thom Fekete’s solo album release entitled, “Burner.” This release is special with the entire album being recorded in his own home on a 4-tracker. With the single clocking in at only 1:28 long, “Treason” encapsulates the mood of the whole album perfectly. It’s a track that is showered in a warm fuzzy sleepy day dream that’s all but over so suddenly. There’s a lot of melancholic experimentation going on here. “Burner” is a much slower pace from what Surfer Blood fans may be used to and it’s a really nice change of scenery. (Admittedly I haven’t listened to any Surfer Blood since their first release.) Thom Fekete audibly opens up and puts the will of the human spirit on full display within this album. Listen to Treason here.

Shout out to JNR for taking 100% of these sales and handing them toward Fekete’s treatment. Please consider tacking on some extra bucks when you purchase this cassette Sly readers! 🙂

The Details

As you may or may not know, our guy Thom has spent a lot of time at home lately. Thom is the guitarist of Surfer Blood, and he was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Thom’s condition has made him unable to tour with Surfer Blood… but it hasn’t stopped him from creating this amazing bedroom pop album, titled “Burner”. And we are very happy to announce that JNR is releasing "Burner" this week on limited edition cassette / digital.

Recorded on a 4-track in Thom’s bedroom in south Florida, “Burner” is lo-fi, intimate, and earnest. Music rarely feels this special. Check out a sample track here.

The cassettes are limited to 200 hand-numbered copies on light blue cassettes, and include instant MP3 and WAV download.

100% of all money raised will benefit Thom’s cancer treatment. There is an $8 minimum for the cassette, but you may give more as you see fit.

Thanks to ryantark for the tip!

Price $8

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