Swedish singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson, also known as The Tallest Man on Earth (sorry, Manute Bol), has a simple message for us:  “This is not the end.  This is fine.  Sing that now…maybe to someone else for comfort in all this turmoil.”  Not a bad idea, Mr. Matsson.

2014 was a hard year stateside.  Who am I kidding, though…it’s been tough for everyone on this spinning rock.  Sometimes, you need to be reminded that this pale blue dot suspended in the galaxy, while a bit overwhelming at times, also inhabits other people like yourself who feel as alone as you do.  And that’s a good feeling.  The latest teaser for Dark Bird is Home feels like that reminder, like we’re all sitting around a fire and Matsson is nourishing our souls with just a guitar and a message.  “This is not the end.”

The Details

Dark Bird Is Home in gatefold jacket on limited-edition white vinyl LP and CD in 6 panel wallet

11"x17" poster featuring album artwork, with photography by Cameron Wittig

T-Shirt with new design exclusive to the pre-order (size chart)

Early download of 1st single redeemable on February 25th

Digital download code for the album (as a .zip file containing 320kbps mp3s) redeemable 2 weeks before release date on April 28

Price $34.99

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