Light in the Attic Records have created a powerful brand these past few years as the Indiana Jones of the vinyl community. ¬†They travel the world in search of lost artifacts¬†and¬†mythical objects shrouded in dusty cardboard boxes in dank record store basements. ¬†Reissuing and rediscovering music’s tragic obscurities is their trademark, but they also produce new material. ¬†One of my favorite albums, The Black Angels’ classic Passover from 2006, was a LITA original.

Their latest new artist is Sylvia Simmons, but her style could easily pass for another lost-and-found release. ¬†On You Are In My Arms, a ukelele gently strums along with Sylvie’s smoky¬†lounge delivery. ¬†You could easily hear this in the background while sipping on an espresso in some small Italian town, or catching her eye from the piano as she serenades a jazz club somewhere in New York City in 1958. ¬†It’s a timeless sound for a timeless music label.

The Details

- Produced by Howe Gelb and Chris Schultz (track 6 only)
- Debut album by esteemed writer and Leonard Cohen biographer Sylvie Simmons
- LP housed in ‚Äútip-on‚ÄĚ gatefold Stoughton jacket
- Lyric booklet included

Color vinyl editions:
200 on ‚ÄúForest Marbled‚ÄĚ wax (LITA Vinyl Subscriber exclusive)
100 on ‚ÄúTurquoise‚ÄĚ wax ( pre-orders exclusive, limit 2 per customer)

Price $17

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