RIYL: Local Natives, Beirut, Grizzly Bear

Label: Soul Step Records

Cincinnati indie rock 5-piece Sylmar made a decent splash in¬†some indie rock circles last year with a small run of 7″s through Soul Step Records.¬† After a¬†quick sellout, Sylmar took that momentum to hone their sound and develop their songwriting, heading into the studio this year for¬†their debut full-length.

Brian McCullogh¬†showcases his mercurial vocal range on tracks like Waste Away and Punk Song, seamlessly drifting between Buckley-esque falsetto and post-hardcore gutturals.¬† The band follows suit, changing tempos and¬†moods on the fly.¬† One minute you’re listening to lazy river stoner jazz and the next you’re caught in a cloud¬†of technical math rock.¬† Challenging but still easy to digest, Sylmar has a little bit of everything in the¬†kettle.¬† Really excited to see what’s next for these fellas.

There are only 100 of these on colored vinyl and not many are left, so take a listen to the whole album below and grab one of these before they’re gone.

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Limited to 100 Random Color copies!

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Price $20

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