For anybody who follows Sun Kil Moon, or Mark Kozelek, you know damn well how hard it is to come across their/his material on the vinyl format.

Given the quickly sold-out nature of these releases, I’ll be cutting things short and leaving you with this quote…

“For all the autonomy that we crave in our western lives, for all the choice and “freedom” that we try to cultivate and maximize, Benji holds dear those relationships that were formed before we had any choice at all and all the rest that we tend to either take for granted or regard as debilitating lilliputian threads. We tend not to realize that those strands aren’t just the only thing grounding us, but are the sum of our very identities — until death sneaks up with a pair of scissors and begins to snip. On Benji, Kozelek carefully reties each strand, one by one.” – David Bazan

The Details

Benji - Limited Edition 2LP - Blue Vinyl
Release Date: August 19, 2014
(Caldo Verde Records/Vinyl Films)
Limited Edition 2LP - Blue Vinyl

Price $27.99

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