RIYL: Cincinnati

Label: Soul Step Records

Where the hell did the time go, man?  Already forty releases deep, Soul Step Records is celebrating numero cuarenta with a sexy slab full of some of the label’s most beloved acts.  You’ve got the ‘hurts-so-good’ bluesy soul from Amythyst Kiah, the lazy river jazz stylings from label favorite Matt Duncan, the power pop funk from Republican Hair and many many more.  This collection is most certainly the gateway drug for anyone who’s dipped their toes into the Soul Step stream and it’s an essential for the completists.

Grab a copy of the splatter vinyl after the ‘buy’ link.  Many copies have already gone to label subscribers, so don’t dilly dally too long, y’dingus.  Here’s to another 40 releases, Soul Step!



The Details

The gateway drug for Soul Step Records. Over the years, the previous FOURTY releases through Soul Step - we finally arrive to present to you THERE IS NO FINISH LINE: SOUL STEP RECORDS SAMPLER VOL. 1!

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Price $20

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