RIYL: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Oneohtrix Point Never

Label: Loma Vista

It’s one of those days where your friends want you to go to a party and you aren’t feeling it. After some pushing and prodding you reluctantly go and you already know it’s going to be a huge bummer. You walk through the door with the feeling of dread and unfamiliarity and your ‘buds’ abandon you instantaneously leaving you to your own demise. You head on over to the drinks table, snag something that will last you a very long time, and get cozy in the nearest filth infested couch, waiting for your dumbass friends to finish their debauchery and take you home.

The wait feels forever, so you pop on some headphones that transport you to a comforting location exactly where you sit with Soccer Mommy’s new single from her 3rd studio album “Sometimes, Forever”. This is where I feel she belongs; with every person who felt uncomfortable, bored, alone, in love and scare in unfamiliar shoes. Her place is with these folks and we can all relate to those feelings at one time or another. I’m not trying to trivialize sorrow, emptiness or depression, but rather relating it to a feeling we all may have had.

“Feelings of sorrow and emptiness will pass but they will always come back around, as will feelings of joy,” Sophie Allison, also known by her moniker as the indie rocker Soccer Mommy, said. “This album explores many ups and downs. It moves from the high of love to hopelessness and disconnect. It’s a coexistence of light and dark, not only lyrically but tonally.”

Produced by Oneohtrix Point Never, there are many variants popping up, so here they are in their full glory for you to choose.

Vinyl Me Please exclusive

limited to 1000, Stamped and numbered on Baby Pink vinyl (Member only right now, $33)

Loma Vista & Webstore Exclusive

Limited Edition on Pink Splatter Colored vinyl (first 1000 with Autograph card) $25

Brooklyn Vegan Exclusive

Limited to 1000 on Milky Clear vinyl, $26

Indie Exclusive

Limited Edition on Pink/Black Splatter vinyl, $24

Urban Outfitters Exclusive

Limited edition on Orchid vinyl, $28

The Details

Ships on or before June 24th, 2022.

Loma Vista:
**Autographed Card w/ First 1,000 Vinyl Pre-Orders from the Soccer Mommy / Loma Vista Bodega**
Limited Edition Pink Splatter Colored LP with exclusive poster insert
Brooklyn Vegan:
Sometimes, Forever is on "milky clear" vinyl and is a BrooklynVegan exclusive variant limited to just 1000 copies, so gets yours today!
Vinyl Me Please:
The VMP edition of Sometimes, Forever, is limited to 1,000 copies and is pressed on 1LP Baby Pink vinyl at Memphis Record Pressing. The record will arrive in a single direct-to-board jacket, foil stamped and numbered.

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Price $25

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