RIYL: Lucy Dacus, Snail Mail, Phoebe Bridgers

Label: Loma Vista Recordings

Soccer Mommy, aka Sophie Allison, has done it again with Colour Theory, an intimate portrayal of the artist’s emotional & mental struggles through her brilliance of songwriting, guitar work and compositions. The lyrics to her single, “Circle The Drain” are heartbreaking but poetry; “I think there is mold in brain, spreading down all the way through my heart and my body, cause I cling to the dark of my room and days thin me out or just burn me straight through.” Left to her own devices, Sophia is able to capture the desperation of youth all the while playing our heartstrings so well. I’m currently obsessing over these singles, so I should stop while I’m ahead, but check out the write up from Rough Trade:

For Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy, color theory is a distillation of hard-won catharsis. The album confronts the ongoing mental health and familial trials that have plagued the 22-year-old artist since pre-pubescence, presenting listeners with an uncompromisingly honest self-portrait, and reminding us exactly why her critically-acclaimed debut, 2018’s Clean, made her a hero to many. Wise beyond her years, Allison is a songwriter capable of capturing the fleeting moments of bliss that make an embattled existence temporarily beautiful. With color theory, Allison’s fraught past becomes a lens through which we might begin to understand what it means to be resilient.

color theory investigates a traumatic past in exacting detail; in doing so, Allison finds inroads for healing through self-acceptance, and occasionally, humour. (“I’m the princess of screwing up!” she declares at one point.) This isn’t a quest to uncover some long-since forgotten happiness so much as it is an effort to stare-down the turmoil of adolescence that can haunt a person well into adulthood. Allison is a gifted storyteller, one who is able to take personal experience and project it to universal scale. On color theory, she beckons in outsiders, rejects, and anyone who has ever felt desperately alone in this world, lending them a place to unburden themselves and be momentarily free.

The Details

Limited edition blue / yellow / gray tri-color vinyl with folded poster and sticker sheet.

Includes digital pre-order of color theory. You get 3 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

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