UPDATE: This is now SOLD OUT.

FYI: This solo record is a few years old even though it’s just now being released on vinyl for the very first time. It is NOT a Dr. Dog B side compilation.

Scott McMicken, of Dr. Dog fame, has brought 8 tracks to fruition in solo fashion. You may have heard some of these tracks as “Bonus” additions to previous releases – but otherwise, these will NOT be available digitally. We don’t mind that, vinyl is the way we prefer it anyhow!

There are a few things to mention here in respect to the artist/album and the label putting this one out.

First off, let’s talk about the label. PIAPTK and Solid Gold Recordings are known for their “Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings and Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tuscon, AZ via Olympia, WA.” With this release, you’ll catch plenty of that. Some of you guys may have actually heard of this label as they recently partnered up with Joyful Noise Recordings to further progress the awesome nature of their output. It’s because of this handmade approach that PIAPTK/Solid Gold garners so much attention. And it’s well deserved.

Secondly, let’s talk Scott McMicken’s album in particular. As mentioned, these are solo-style tracks. Some of which have been previously released and are available digitally. I’ve included a playlist below with a couple of these tracks. With this vinyl release, you’ll be purchasing one of 250 (50 of which are artist/label) copies on Goldenrod vinyl. Now, not all 250 are Goldenrod in color as some 35 randomly inserted Red/Gold Splatter (photo below) copies will be introduced into the shipment process. Every purchase will also include a poster with art by V. Cessna (photo below). ALSO, if you’re into Test Presses, or simply supporting labels further with the bonus of being included in a raffle, be sure to check out the details for your chance at a Test Press!!

Let’s also mention another cool bonus: available through this same page (via the Buy Now link below) you can add a Scott McMicken Tornado CD-Record to your order! This particular piece of musical ingenuity plays on your turntable as well as your CD player!!





The Details

Scott McMicken "IT" LP SOILD GOLD - 000004

"IT" is the first solo album from Dr Dog songwriter/singer, Scott McMicken! This album was recorded a while ago and was originally intended to be released as a cohesive unit, but was eventually partially pieced out for Dr. Dog bonus tracks on various albums and singles. But, this marks the first time that it appears in it's entirety, as originally intended, and on vinyl.

Limited Edition of 200 Lps and 100 Cassette Tapes sold.

LPs on Goldenrod Vinyl and Cassettes on Gold tapes.

35 Gold with Red and yellow rim Splatter vinyl will be sent to random purchasers.

Includes a poster wirt art by V. Cessna.

TEST PRESSINGS: Do you like test pressings? We have 3 test pressings
to be given away in a raffle. To enter the raffle, use the "pay what you
want" option and enter a value (over $15) that includes change. Eric has
chosen a number between .01 and .99, and the first three people to pay a value
with that change amount, win the test pressing. For example, if Eric chose $.02
(hint: he didn't), and you paid $15.02, you win a test pressing. You have the
same chance of winning whether you pay $15.02 or $250.02... However, if you
throw in a little extra, it will be used to buy beers and hummus for the record
packing party we hold when we receive each release from the pressing plant.

SOILD GOLD THREE PACK! New to Soild Gold? Can't believe you missed the first two releases? Well, they are both almost sold out, but we have twenty 3-packs available at a discount!

And while you are at it, don't forget to pick up the Scott McMicken CD-Record (that plays on your turntable and in your CD player).

Pressing Information
250 LPs (50 artist/label copies)
150 Cassettes (50 artist/label copies)

Thanks to Mike for the tip!

Price $16

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