RIYL: Arms And Sleepers | Contemporary Classical Piano

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Limited Edition of 150 Transparent Vinyl LPs

Saigon Would Be Seoul is the new solo project of Mirza Ramic from Arms and Sleepers.

His debut album Everywhere Else Left Behind is available as an extremely limited vinyl (only 150 copies!) via {int}erpret null.

EVERYWHERE ELSE LEFT BEHIND is the debut album from SAIGON WOULD BE SEOUL and is a result of several years of compositional ideas and conceptual planning. A few tracks date as far back as 2009, while the majority of the record was conceived from 2016 to 2018. The writing of the album was scattered across several countries — including Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany, and the United States — and amidst Arms and Sleepers’ busy touring schedule.

“It took me a while to not only finish the music on this album but to kickstart a brand new project independent of Arms and Sleepers,” writes Mirza. “Arms and Sleepers has been an important part of my life and identity for the last 13 years, but I always wanted to have a music outlet which is solely concerned with where I come from and what I’ve been through. This album is very much a selfish artistic endeavor with the goal of better understanding my past and attempting to improve the person that I am.”

The album is also accompanied by a short documentary film titled ‘To Tell A Ghost’, which recounts Mirza’s story of growing up in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina, fleeing the country during the Bosnian War, and returning as an adult to self-examine the past and attempt to find healing. The documentary film features music from EVERYWHERE ELSE LEFT BEHIND and is directed by Stefan Ehrhardt and Chris Piotrowicz. It will be screened at select film festivals this summer. You can watch the film trailer here: vimeo.com/331191355.

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