RIYL: that dog, Haden Triplets

Label: Greenway Records

Had I kept a journal growing up in the 90s, there would have been pages upon pages on how much I loved Rachel Haden.  The pop princess of my youth, Haden graced the stage as frontwoman of that dog, co-founder of The Rentals, The Haden Triplets, and helped shape tracks from Beck, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer and more.  There’s just no denying Haden’s talent and taste, and after more than 20 years of output, she’s readied yet another solo record full of undeniably great songs.  First single Little Dream showcases her aptitude for stirring melancholy melodies, both in her vocal harmonies and guitar tone that remind me of Red House Painters’ and Mazzy Star’s bleeding heart chord progressions and emotive songwriting techniques.

Greenway Records has 2 colorways for the album, a clear blue for $21 and a gorgeous coke bottle/white/pink splatter for $25, both limited to 250 copies.  You can also grab a bundle with both colorways for $45 and save a few bucks.  Listen to Little Dream below and grab your favorite variant after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

12" Splatter Version
Limited to 250 Copies
Coke Bottle Clear with White and Pink Splatter Vinyl
12" Clear Blue Version
Limited to 250 Copies
Transparent Blue Vinyl

Price $21

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