RIYL: The Walkabouts, LOW, PJ Harvey, Stina Nordenstam, Hope Sandoval, Beth Gibbons

Label: One Flash Records

Nadine Khouri has a dark and beautiful voice that fits perfectly to her slow and melancholic songs. The first single, “You Got a Fire,” reminds me a lot of Low or early Walkabouts and is a great companion for the dark winter days. “The Salted Air” is her debut self-released record, that would fit on labels like Glitterhouse or 4AD. Nadine Khouri sang on John Parish’s latest record, “Screenplay,” in return he produced “The Salted Air.” I only know two songs on this record, but if the other songs are as great as the first two singles, this could be the first big highlight of 2017.


The Details

Nadine Khouri is a British-Lebanese musician and songwriter currently based in London. Influenced by dream-pop, moody soundtracks and spoken-word, her sound has been described as a “music born of perennial outsider-status.” Noted by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Giant Sand) for her voice, Khouri was invited to sing on a track on his Screenplay LP and subsequently recorded her latest album with the producer in his hometown of Bristol. The resulting album is a haunting collection of poetic and atmospheric meditations on loss and transformation. Khouri’s singular voice soars above droning organ, pulsating shakers, and an occasional choir of male voices, creating a self-contained world, reminiscent of Stina Nordenstam and Hope Sandoval in their heyday. Pumping harmoniums meld into reverb-drenched electric guitar, while Khouri’s languid voice offers a dream-like incantation set against a beating Moroccan tar on Broken Star. An esoteric thread runs throughout the album, notably on Shake it like a Shaman (a tribute to the late Jeff Buckley). The album also features guest contributions from Parish, Irish singer-songwriter Adrian Crowley, violinist Emma Smith (James Yorkston, Hot Chip) and others.

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