Just when you thought it was a good day to forget summer ever happened, buy a king-size bag of assorted chocolate-nougat concoctions, assemble your Chainsaw Massacre Halloween costume and map out the locations of all the easily-scared children in your neighborhood…Mutual Benefit’s soft, vulnerable ballads hit you right in your candy corn-filled cavities and warm your cold hearts.

Independently released and already getting big exposure from the big wig music review sites, I expect big things for this band.  With only 250 copies of this out there, I don’t expect it to last through October.

You can listen to the entire album after the BUY link.

The Details

Shipping out on or around 15 November 2013
Edition of 250

"If there ever was an album that deserved to always be played from start to finish while lounging in the morning sun on a bed made of assorted throw pillows… then this would be that album."

Price $12.5

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