RIYL: Sun Kil Moon, Red House Painters, The Haden Triplets

Label: Caldo Verde / Rough Trade

From the genesis of The Red House Painters to his reinvention as Sun Kil Moon, the Mark Kozelek of decades past (compared to the current one) feels like a wisp of refracted light. His stream-of-conscience vocal delivery and lyrical style on the recent albums and his brief run of beefs and controversies have drawn a line in the sand with die-hard fans and fairweather rubberneckers, but Mark Kozelek is still an artist’s artist, unwavering in his stylistic choices and unmatched in our vast sea of singer/songwriter contemporaries.

His newest collaboration is with Petra Haden, an entity in her own right as a member of That Dog, The Decemberists and many more. Violinist and singer, Haden provides an essential balance to Kozelek’s brash bluntness. On Joey Always Smiled, however, the man from decades returns for a moment. Covering a song like The Power of Love would normally prompt an eye roll, but there is nothing pretentious or ironic in Mark and Petra’s performance here. If the rest of the album sounds this pure, there’s a good chance Joey Always Smiled could be another classic.

Rough Trade has only 300 copies of the record on blue vinyl, a downright miniscule quantity considering both artists’ fanbases.  It will sell out quick.  The ‘buy’ link takes you to Rough Trade’s US distro.  Uk buyers, grab it HERE.

The Details

Opaque Blue
Rough Trade Exclusive
Limited to 300 copies

Thanks to Joshua Baumgardner for the tip!

Price $29.99

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