Liam Betson, an off-and-on-again addition to Titus Andronicus, has embarked on another solo effort.  Betson bares a similar aching wail to Titus’ frontman Patrick Stickles, who contributes to the album alongside Julian Lynch, Luka Usmiani (Ducktails), Alex Steinberg (Alex Bleeker & The Freaks) and others.  Produced by Titus/Real Estate collaborator Kevin McMahon, we’ve got quite a few big names and bands supporting this full-length, and for good reason.  The slower arrangements on The Cover of Hunter are so tender, they feel as though they could break apart at any moment, and even when he picks up the tempo with Springsteen optimism in numbers like Pocket Knife, there is still an underlying melancholy at the core.

It will be a perfect companion on the first day back to school as you walk with your head sank low to the bus stop…visions of Pre-Calculus and lukewarm steak fingers dancing in your head…

Stream the entire album for a limited time HERE.

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Since 2007 Liam Betson has been building somewhat of a cult persona, releasing music as Liam the Younger and drifting in and out of the public eye. Over the past two years he toured extensively, playing guitar in Titus Andronicus. After an amicable departure from the band last summer, Betson returns with a new full length record of his own.

The Cover of Hunter comes to us as Betsonʼs fourth full length LP, and debut studio effort, following three phenomenal lo-fi records released on New Jersey record label, Underwater Peoples. Produced by Kevin McMahon at Marcata Recording, The Cover of Hunter features friends, Ian Dykstra, Ian Drennan, Alex Steinberg, Luka Usmiani, Patrick Stickles and Julian Lynch. Dynamic, dark and rich with lyrical content, we believe The Cover of Hunter to be Betsonʼs best record yet. The Cover of Hunter will release July 22nd on Double Double Whammy, with tours to follow.

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