RIYL: Raconteurs, Kevin Morby, Gashcat

Label: Sub Pop

Kyle Craft sticks to his guns.  His bloody-hearted 2016 debut Dolls of Highland felt out of place in the best ways, a songwriter/vagrant selling sincerity with a guitar and a book of poems.  A quarter classic rock, some folk dabblings, a splash of glam and a heaping supply of high register vocals, Kyle Craft was too interesting to ignore.  The expectations for his music to make a hard left on his sophomore release made Craft lean in on what he did best…a guitar and a book of poems.  He’s wading through the fairweather listeners and finding his audience, and there’s a lot of us.  Album #3 Showboat Honey is coming at us just over a year after his last one, and this time around he’s got himself a big backing band.  If you love what Kyle Craft does, this one’s not going to disappoint you.  It may not even surprise you…but who needs surprises when you’ve got the songs?

Per usual with the tried-and-true Sub Pop Records, the album is available on limited ‘Loser Edition’ colored wax for less than $20.  Can’t beat that.  Grab a slab after the ‘buy’ link and check out the first single 2 Ugly 4 NY and it’s deadly music video below.

The Details

Limited Loser Edition colored vinyl available while supplies last!
Customers will be given access to stream the full album up to four (4) weeks before release date from your SubPop.com account, with your pre-order of the album on any format.
All pre-orders will also receive any and all pre-release track downloads in advance of the album release as they are made public, which will be available from your SubPop.com account as they become available.
All physical pre-order items should ship out from our warehouse in Seattle, WA between 5-8 days before release date, so long as their are no delays in manufacturing that would delay this advance shipping timeline.
International orders may not arrive by release day as extra time must be taken into consideration for distance traveled and customs department clearance.

Price $17

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