Sam Ray fans rejoice! Ok, maybe not rejoice because you’re probably a #sadboy angsty teen who never gets too excited about anything. But uh, yeah, An Abundance of Strawberries is coming out on vinyl via Joy Void records! Woooooooo…

With all of the Teen Suicide reissues and other cool stuff going on at Run For Cover, here’s another thing you can buy and cherish.

Seriously, if you are not familiar with Sam’s other projects: Teen Suicide, Ricky Eat Acid, Starry Cat, etc. — check those out. He’s way too talented.

Oh, also you while you’re at it, you can grip a tape reissue of Julia Brown’s first album, to be close to you, over at Joy Void as well. Have fun.

The Details

Originally slated for a proper release in 2014, the album was given out for free via email & dropbox before being widely disseminated on social media, youtube, and torrent sites at Ray’s behest. A year later, it’s finally seeing the light of day as a beautiful 12” record - along with a limited amount of prints of the artwork, and also cassettes, CDs, and a more formal digital release.

Available January 15 from Joy Void.

Limited package includes LP on red vinyl and an 12" x 18" screenprinted poster (shipped separately in a poster tube).

Price $17

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