It’s hard to explain how much I love José González. His voice cuts straight through all the crap swimming around in my head and soothes my soul. He reminds us all that great music doesn’t need any tricks, just a great musician. I have been overly stressed these days and I think this single shall be my new drug of choice. This is greatness.

We really don’t know much, like pressing numbers and such. But there is this limited version, then when it’s gone there is a standard black copy. So yeah, don’t miss this, you will be sad.

The Details

Vestiges & Claws Limited Edition Clear 12" Vinyl.

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1. With the Ink of a Ghost
2. Let It Carry You
3. Stories We Build, Stories We Tell
4. The Forest
5. Leaf Off / The Cave
6. Every Age
7. What Will
8. Vissel
9. Afterglow
10. Open Book

Includes instant grat download of "Every Age"

Thanks to Trent Ekblad for the tip!

Price $23

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