RIYL: Johnny Jewel, Chromatics, Desire, Orion

Label: Italians Do It Better

Since the dawn of vinyl, collectors have fought over the permissibility of “the compilation.” Often lumped into the ‘greatest hits’ category of wax no-no’s, music elitists and album purists could all agree that they wanted nothing to do with them. Then, in 2007, Italians Do It Better came out with their After Dark series and softened those hardened hearts one by one. Comprised of mall goth minimal synthscapes fronted by a mostly female cast of lead vocalists, the eerily cool b-movie vibes and sexy keyboard hooks were undeniable. Six years after that debut, many of those groups began to see a significant amount of success after the neon pink violence of Drive woo’d new audiences towards synthwave and eighties-philia.  Chromatics, Desire and Johnny Jewel were now household names within indie electronic subcultures, and 2013’s After Dark 2 was celebrated critically and commercially.

And here were are. It’s 2020 and the After Dark compilations still sound as fresh as they did all those years ago. Today, after seven years of begging and pleading from their fanbase, Italians unleashed After Dark 3, perfectly-timed for those upcoming somewhat-socially-distanced Halloween parties or those dark, isolated nights alone drinking absinthe and watching the news. Either or, you’re in for some chills and thrills. Check out the entire album below on Spotify. You’re gonna get new remixes from Chromatics, new covers of eighties classics (see JOON’s Cruel Summer) and just an overall great collection of dance tracks. $35 gets you this triple LP on slime green wax. Make it happen.

The Details

Every seven years, we release an After Dark label sampler, the long awaited third edition is finally here. Produced by Johnny Jewel, ‘After Dark 3’ features label mainstays Desire, Chromatics, Farah & introduces fresh blood from around the globe. A glimpse beyond the curtain, into what the new year sounds like for Italians Do It Better. In the tradition of our spaced out cinema disco, we present After Dark 3…The wallpaper of your dreams & the stardust of the future.

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Price $35

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